Hibernia Management and Development Company Ltd. (HMDC) has a formal contracting process that results in the award of business to contractors and suppliers that

  • Operate Safely
  • Are competitive in cost
  • Deliver requirements on schedule
  • Provide the specified quality
  • Provide optimum involvement of Canadian/Newfoundland and Labrador businesses and people

Business opportunities exist for a wide range of qualified Canadian/Newfoundland and Labrador Contractors and Suppliers as Prime Contractors and direct suppliers to HMDC.

Contractor Selection
For major tenders, following the Expression of Interest and prequalification stage, HMDC will invite qualified vendors or contractors to submit bids against an invitation to Tender document. These bids are then assessed against a predetermined evaluation plan leading to selection of a preferred bidder. Following an approval stage, a contract is then awarded to the successful bidder.

In addition to major contracts, the Project has numerous subcontracts and supply needs.

HMDC, operator of the Hibernia project and service provider to the Hibernia Southern Extension (HSE) project awarded the following contracts in accordance with the provisions of the Atlantic Accord Act, Hibernia Benefits Plan, as amended, and HSE Benefits Agreement, as applicable.


Package Name Date Issued Contract Award
Website Hosting and Maintenance for Hibernia, Hebron, Sable, and Exploration May 9, 2019 --
Supply of Fire and Safety Services and Materials for Hibernia and Hebron
Technical Questionnaire
Quality Pre-Qualification Questionnaire
SSHE Production Pre-Qualification Questionnaire
April 18, 2019 --
Supply of System Process Filters for Hibernia and Hebron Quality Pre-Qualification Questionnaire
SSHE Production Pre-Qualification Questionnaire
List of bidders
April 3, 2019 --
Supply of Transportation and Installation Services March 12, 2019 --
Supply of Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Installation (EPCI) Services February 26, 2019 --
Supply of Dredging Services for Excavation of Subsea Drill Center February 22, 2019 --
Supply of Water Analysis Services December 29, 2017 Avalon Laboratories
Contact: Suzette Winter
Phone: 709-726-9345
Supply of Preservation Activities and Training Services March 29, 2018 Cortec Global Services Inc.
Contact: Mr. Joe Yach
Phone: 651-412-8383
Supply of Laboratory Supplies and Equipment August 15, 2018 Mikan Scientific Incorporated
Supply of Straddle Systems for Eastern Canada
Technical Proposal Supplier Questionnaire
SSHE Production Pre-Qualification Questionnaire
QA Drilling Pre-Qualification Questionnaire
July 30, 2018 --
Provision of Pigging Services July 24, 2018 --
Supply of Offshore 4G LTE Service July 9, 2018 --
Supply of Miscellaneous Consumables, Hardware, Fasteners and Tools July 6, 2018 Rideout Tool
Contact: Janet Rideout
Supply of HVAC Primary & Secondary Filters
List of bidders
May 3, 2018 Dawe Enterprises Limited
Contact: Bruce Dawe
Phone: 709-786-0906
Supply of Architectural Support Services
List of bidders
May 10, 2018 Stantec Architecture Ltd.
Contact: Charlie Henley
Phone: (709)576-1428
Supply of Directional Drilling, Downhole Measurement and Mudlogging Services for MODU Drilling Program 2019
SSHE Pre-Qualification Questionnaire
QA Pre-Qualification Questionnaire
April 23, 2018 --
Supply of Hibernia Pipe Deck Gantry Cranes
Technical Proposal Questionnaire - Pipe Deck Gantry Cranes
SSHE Pre-Qualification Questionnaire
QA Pre-Qualification Questionnaire
List of bidders
April 19, 2018 --
Supply of Engineering Services to Hibernia Management and Development Company Ltd. (HMDC) and ExxonMobil Canada Properties, by its managing partner ExxonMobil Canada Ltd. (ExxonMobil) in relation to subsea activities
SSHE Pre-Qualification Questionnaire
QA Pre-Qualification Questionnaire
List of bidders
March 22, 2018 --
Supply of Immersion Suits Maintenance and Repair Services
Supply of Immersion Suits Maintenance and Repair Services: Pre-Qualification List
January 22, 2018 --
Supply of Maintenance, Repair, Hydraulics, and Fabrication Services January 3, 2018 Hyflodraulic Limited
Contact: Erica Martin
Phone: (709) 364-5566
Supply of Provision of Stand Alone Sand Control Screens for Hibernia and Hebron Projects
Supply of Stand Alone Sand Control Screens: Pre-Qualification List
November 14, 2017 --
Supply of Hibernia Lower Completion Equipment and Services
Supply of Hibernia Lower Completion Equipment and Services: Pre-Qualification List
November 14, 2017 --
Supply of Metering and Measuring Services - WS3157853 -- IKM Measurement Services Ltd. (UK)
Contact person: Mr. Steve Baker
Phone: +44 (0) 1224 793262
Supply of Courier Services September 18, 2017 Cross Town Express (2008) Ltd.
Unit 3 1243 Kenmount Road
Paradise, NL, A1L 0V8
Contact: Glen Jones / Corrinea Jones
Phone: (709) 579-3177
Supply of Emergency Callout Services September 15, 2017 --
Supply of Marine Survey Inspection Services July 26, 2017 Canadian Global Maritime
354 Water Street
St. John’s, NL, A1C 1C4
Contact: Kevin Doyle
Phone: (709) 725-8648
Supply of Project Management and Engineering Services to Hibernia Management and Development Company Ltd. (HMDC) and ExxonMobil Canada Properties, a partnership by its managing partner ExxonMobil Canada Ltd. (ExxonMobil) in relation to subsea activities. May 29, 2017 --
Supply of Technical Support Services -- QuEST
Contact: Gautam Shekhar
Phone: (832) 770-4804
Supply of Physical Employment Standards -- Definitions Health and Wellness Inc.
Contact: Mike Wahl
Phone: (709) 746-3355
Crane Maintenance and Management -- Liebherr Canada Ltd.
49 mews Place, Suite C
St. John’s, NL, A1B 4N2
Contact: Erwin O’Brien
Phone: (709) 682-3331
Drilling Materials and Services -- Varco Canada ULC
1700, 715- 5th Avenue SW
Calgary, Alberta
Contact: Clyde Bonnell
Phone: (403) 303-3450
Generator Service and Materials -- Brush Canada Services Inc.
601 Braddock Avenue
Turtle Creek, PA  15145
Contact: Ben Pratt
Phone: (514) 794-5242
Supply of Metering and Measurement Services June 30, 2016 --
Supply of Weather Forecasting and Oceanographic Services for Hibernia and Hebron Platforms April 5, 2016 AMEC Foster Wheeler
Contact: Terry Bullock
Phone: 709-722-7023
Supply of Mud Logging Services March 8, 2016 Weatherford Canada Partnership
Contact: Shawn Johnson, Eastern Canada Area Sales Manager
Phone: (709) 782-6134
Supply of Tubular Running Services March 8, 2016 FI Oilfield Services Canada ULC
Contact: Mike Eisan, Eastern Canada Area Manager
Phone: (709) 752-7902
Supply of Operations and Maintenance Hibernia Wellheads and Xmas March 7, 2016 Cameron Canada Corporation
Contact: Dwayne Raynard, District Manager, Surface Systems
Phone: (709) 752-8670
Hibernia Cementing Equipment, Services and Products -- Schlumberger Canada Limited
Contact: Matthew Bryan General Manager – Atlantic Eastern Canada
Phone: (709) 748-7741
Supply of Wireline, Slickline and Coil Tubing Equipment and Services March 7, 2016 Schlumberger Canada Limited
Contact: Matthew Bryan, General Manager – Atlantic Eastern Canada
Phone: (709) 748-7741
Supply of Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Maintenance Services March 7, 2016 Wood Group Canada, Inc.
277 Water St, St. John's, NL A1C 6L3
Contact: Shawn Combden, P. Eng., Vice President – East Coast Canada
Phone: (709) 778-4000
Supply of Helideck Lighting Upgrade Servicing and Materials February 19, 2016 Wood Group PSN
Contact: Paul Broders
Phone: 709-778-4177
Supply of Hose Management Services February 18, 2016 Atlantic Hose and Fitting Ltd.
Contact: Mr. Doug Russell
Phone: (709) 738-4490
Supply of Recovery Services for Drilling Tools and Pipe (Fishing) and Wellbore/BOP Cleanout Tools January 15, 2016 --
Supply of Maintenance and Operations Support of the Fibre Optic Cable System November 25, 2015 Alcatel Submarine Networks
Route de Villejust
91620 Nozay, France
Contact: Jean-Pierre Vitton
Phone: +
Supply of IWOCS Electrical Downline November 18, 2015 --
Supply of Medical Services November 2, 2015 Atlantic Offshore Medical Services
4 Henry Street
St. John's, NL
A1C 6E7

Contact: Liam O'Shea
Phone: (709) 722-4074 ext 337
Supply of 12 Volt Absolyte and Sprinter Marine Batteries for the Hibernia and Hebron Platform October 20, 2015 DistributionNOW
153 Glencoe Drive
Mount Pearl, NL., Canada
A1N 4S7
Phone: 709-747-6626
Supply of Downhole Tractor Services July 29, 2015 --
Supply of Downhole Camera and Caliper July 29, 2015 --
Supply of Drilling Operations and Maintenance for the Hibernia Platform August 13, 2015 Parker Drilling Canada Company
Contact: Bryan Collins
Phone: (281) 406-2182
Supply of Open Hole Gravel Pack July 17, 2013 Schlumberger Canada
Contact: Carolyn Jewer
Phone: (709) 748-7747
Supply of Core and Reservoir Fluid Analysis June 22, 2015 Core Labratories Canada Ltd.
Contact: Dan Agar
Phone: (403) 250-4001
Supply of Loose Lifting Equipment and Accessories to Hibernia and Hebron Platforms June 12, 2015 Extreme East Rigging Services
11 Pepperell Rd.
St. John’s, Nl
A1C 5X4
Contact: Harry Ingram
Phone: (709) 758-2666
Supply of Scrap Metal Recycling Services June 3, 2015 Provincial Metals Recycling
50 Robin Hood Bay Road
St. John's, NL A1A 5V3
Contact: Bob Ansty
Phone: 709-834-4473
Supply of ROV Equipment and Services April 22, 2015 Oceaneering Canada Limited
Contact: Brian Dodgson
Phone: (709) 570-7072
Supply of Laboratory Oil Analysis Services April 16, 2015 Wear Check
Contact: Gloria Gonzalez
Phone: 289-291-4643
Supply of Catering and Accommodation Services – Hibernia and Hebron April 1, 2015 East Coast Catering Limited
Contact: Matthew P. O'Callaghan
Director, Business Development
30 Queen’s, Road, St. John’s, NL
A1C 2A5
Phone: 709-576-1741
Supply of Clothing, Footwear, Rain Gear and Misc PPE items March 27, 2015 Acklands Grainger Inc.
133 Corey King Drive
Mount Pearl, NL
A1N 0A5
Contact: Frank Dunn
Phone: 709-747-2515
Supply of 3rd Party Inspection Services March 13, 2015 SNC-Lavalin Industrial Atlantic Inc.
Contact: Barbara Bragg
Phone: (709) 758-4950
Supply of Drill Pipe Inspection, Storage, Repair, and Handling Services March 3, 2015 Atlantic Inspection Services Inc.
130 Clyde Ave, Mount Pearl, NL A1N 4S3
Contact: Garry Bradley, Manager of Operations & Quality
Phone: (709) 576 2684
Provision of Helicopter Services and Passenger Handling Facilities -- Cougar Helicopters Inc.
40 Craig Dobbin’s Way
St. John’s, NL
A1A 4Y3
Contact: Mr. Hank Williams
Phone: 709-758-4805
Supply of Valve Management Services November 4, 2014 Score (Canada) Limited
Contact: Andrew Stephen
Supply of Rental Drilling Tools November 4, 2014 Workstrings Canada
106 Clyde Avenue
Mount Pearl, NL
A1N 4S2
Contact: Bill Steel
Phone: (709) 727-5493
Supply of Produced Water Piping Cleaning October 7, 2014 Baker Hughes-Process and
Pipeline Services-Eastern Canada
20 Kyle Avenue
Mount Pearl, NL, Canada, A1N 4R5
Contact: Jamie Nicholson
Phone: 709-747-0914
Certifying Authority Sepember 12, 2014 Lloyd's Register
TD Building, Suite 704, 140 Water St
St John's, NL
A1C 6H6
Contact: Trevor Butler
Casing Circulating Equipment, Inflatable Bridge Plugs and Related Services August 6, 2014 TAM International Oil Services Inc.
10341-50th Street SE
Calgary, AB
T2C 3E3
Contact: Mark Kavanaugh
Phone: (403) 279 8012
Supply of Freight Forwarding and Customs Brokerage Services July 7, 2014 PF Collins International Trade Solutions
251 East White Hills Road, P.O. Box 5514
St. John's, NL A1C 5W4
Contact: Susan Collins /
Offshore Environmental Effects Monitoring, Reporting and Consulting Services October 3, 2012 AMEC Foster Wheeler Environment & Infrastructure a Division of AMEC Foster Wheeler Americas Limited
133 Crosbie Road, PO Box 13216
St.John's, NL
A1B 4A5
Contact: Kevin Baldwin
Phone: (709) 722-7023


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