Major Contractors

The major contractors supporting the Hibernia project include the following:

Wood Group Canada

Wood Group Canada provides fabric maintenance support, engineering design and construction services, including: procurement and materials management, as well as onshore fabrication, testing and calibration support.

Schlumberger Oilfield Services

Schlumberger provides a suite of drilling services, equipment and products to HMDC covering such scopes as Drilling Fluids, Wellwork, Directional Drilling, Cementing, Completions, and Well Heads & XMAS Trees. The company provides onshore support personnel and offshore technical personnel for work execution and equipment maintenance.

Import Tool Corporation Ltd

Materials provided by Import include liner hangers, completion equipment and other wellbore materials. Services include those associated with these materials and wellbore cleanout, fishing, cut and pull and pipe recovery services.

Halliburton Group Canada

Halliburton provides well completions equipment and services to HMDC. The company provides onshore support personnel and offshore technical personnel for work execution and equipment maintenance.

Parker Wellbore

Parker Wellbore provides drilling and maintenance services to HMDC. The company provides offshore personnel, onshore support personnel, and maintenance support.

East Coast Tubulars Ltd.

East Coast Tubulars supplies all of the conductors, casing and tubing and related services for HMDC's drilling program. The conductor pipe and casing is used to case the well during the well construction process, and the tubing brings production from the reservoir to the platform and/or injects fluids into the reservoir. The scope of ECTL's services to HMDC includes: inventory management, maintenance and the repair/modification of tubular requirements

Baker Hughes

Baker is responsible for the provision of all production chemicals.

A. Harvey & Company Ltd.

A. Harvey & Company Ltd. provides HMDC with purpose-built marine base facilities and logistics management services, including materials handling equipment, road transportation services and cargo containers.

Atlantic Towing Limited

ATL supplies and operates 2 multi-function support vessels for HMDC. These vessels are custom built for Hibernia's unique operating environment. ALT’s contract also includes providing platform supply logistics, offshore operations support, iceberg control, oil spill response and platform standby services.

Cougar Helicopters Inc.
HMDC uses Cougar Helicopters Inc. to provide helicopter transport services for its workforce. Cougar operates a number of S-92 helicopters from its base at St. John's International Airport. The S-92 can be reconfigured to support medical evacuations and/or search and rescue (SAR) missions. Cougar also provides passenger handling facilities, aviation fuel, pre-operational technical support, and airport terminal and aircraft maintenance repair facilities in St. John's.

SNC-Lavalin Industrial Atlantic Inc
SNC provides HMDC with inspection management services, including: inspection engineering, planning and execution of offshore non-destructive examination.

East Coast Catering Ltd.
East Coast Catering Ltd provides Catering and Accommodations management services to the Hibernia platform; including the provision of janitorial services and the procurement, organization and coordination of accommodations services.